What Makes a Person? — Achieving Millennial

I’ve said many things about why I blog, what I want to do, and how I am.   But really, I’m just a guy who wants to achieve what he has his mind set out to do.

Is that so difficult?  Maybe.  We are our best friends and worst enemies.  At least in the US, what we do seems to definite who we are.  But if you think about it, we’re all individuals who want to do things outside of work.  What defines a person?  What they do or who they are?  The preponderance of people have jobs that, quite frankly, I don’t give two shits about.  As long as it supports you, your family, with some left over for fun, I’m happy for it.

I like to work.  I mean, heaven help you if you think serving is your calling in life, but once I move on (which will include a week-long party; consider this your invite) I want it to be something awesome.  The more free and delegated the work/job/career, the better.  My dream job is to be a serial entrepreneur.  Now, I have somethings here-and-there, but none of that amounts to anything more than a couple of bucks.  Maybe.  I still wait on tables.  It sucks.  And, yeah, entrepreneurship is one of the most demanding jobs possible.  But also potentially most free, prosperous, and exciting.  It does, however, define a person.  But it’s almost more of a personality.

But does a job definite a person? I mean, you know people who have awesome jobs, but are complete and utter assholes.  I’d say being an asshole is a pretty high trump card.  You qualified for the Boston Marathon?  Fuck, how much effort, time, and talent does that guy have regardless what he does?  You got published?  That’s way cooler than getting a 700 on the GMAT in my book.

Have you ever been to a networking event when it seems like every. single. person. is one of ten professions?  How do you set yourself apart?  At the end of the day, you’re still an accountant.  What makes you a person?

I’m a person who wants to achieve whatever I want to.  That makes me, me.  Some of my hobbies may be purely hobbies, but that’s okay.  It keeps me sane and jumping right out of bed every morning.  I’ll let me achievements define who I am.  I might not have that awesome job right now, but I have a pretty awesome life right now, if you 86 the job portion of it.  I suppose I ought to be thankful for what I have, not what I don’t have.  At least that’s what I’ve heard before.

What do you friends think of you?  Your friends see you as a person, not a position.  They see you for who you are, what you do, and how you act.  Shouldn’t have be the same for the way we view each and every person?

How do you want to be defined?

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