Gems of the City: Bike Trails and Metro Parks — Achieving Millennial

I have a few posts saved under “drafts” that I thought have essentially queued to write for a future date.  None of them are being written today.  No, today was a pretty, sunny day in Central Ohio that deserved its time to be shared outside.  While out running some errands, I decided to swing to a metro park in Suburban, Columbus, to enjoy the time of one of the gems of the city.

To me, every biggish city needs to have a multitude of parks and bike trails.  Even if they are full-fledged parks or trails, they should at least be a good part of the block or wide enough to necessitate yellow stripes down the middle.  It shows the cities care that even if people have busy lives, they can still get away for a little bit without traveling to far-off location.

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If you want to see if a community has an active populace, check out the bike trails.  Columbus nearly has even bike trails you can travel for as far as you want before running out of trail way.  Columbus features multiple long-distance road races, in addition to Pelotonia — we have a very active population!  On a warm, sunny day you will see a multitude of people biking, running, and roller-blading along the multitude of trails.  If you aren’t there with them, you probably wish you were.  The feeling is contagious!

From an afternoon of walking around enjoying the summer flowers to a family reunion to a pick-up game of Frisbee, you often find the Metro Parks overflowing with people enjoying their time outside during the summer.  Every park has its own personality.  There is a park for everyone during the warm days.

I love visiting Columbus’s Metro Parks.  Even though it’s a Midwest city, we have several that have a feeling that you are stepping into the woods, onto a wooded trail (for favorite for that being High Banks, north of Columbus).  It’s an adventure to take before the sun goes down.

If you have a metro park or a trail nearby, use it!  It’s an escape from your life and an opportunity to rewind and relax to escape the hustle and bustle of life.  Enjoy it!

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