I Want To Write A Book

A couple of days ago I decided I want to write a book.  Why?  More and more people are writing books about there lives, and I’ve done a few things that people might be interested in.  And as usual, I want to prove that I can do something, if I decide that I can.

I have a few ideas for a book (I have a weekly meeting I’ll use to bounce some ideas off its members).  In my usual fashion, I’ll post lengthy asides that encapsulate more than the precise topic at hand, but I want to make it something worth reading for people who’ve never met me.

I know of one young woman, around my age, who actually have recently written a book and had it self-published.  Even if I cannot find an actual agent and publisher, I can find an on-demand publisher who would print books as people individually buy them.

An an entrepreneurial-spirited person, I always have an idea or two.  This is the latest idea that I have.  Instead of other ostentatious ideas, I can start writing today, without needing ridiculous amounts of technical experience or money.  Let’s see where this goes.

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