Complacency: You’re Getting Better or You’re Getting Worse — Achieving Millennial

The old adage is you’re only getting better or worse.  My take on that is to avoid complacency by never becoming too comfortable at anything.  Sure you want to get really good at something you want to do it over any over, but when

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Don’t become complacent, take a path and see where it leads you.

you can sleep walk right through it, you should probably re-evaluate what you’re doing.

I’ve thought about complacency quite a bit during the last few weeks.  Although I’m juggling side projects, in hopes ones or two take off, I’m feeling like I’m not doing enough right now during my “A job” for me to totally depend on it, both in terms of current income but also in terms of trying something new and seeing where it goes.

What am I going to do about it?  I want to take a part time job just working a day or two somewhere.  Somewhere fun where I want to be for a few hours for a couple days of the week just to do something else and see where it goes.  Life is not a superhighway or success, but rather like driving downtown with red lights and green lights with a few detours thrown in for good measure.  You’ll eventually arrive at your destination, if you put in the effort.  I’ve found that putting yourself out there will lead to one good thing leading to another, which leads to another.

In terms of business, complacency means someone will lead frog you (another adage — if you’re not training, someone else is).  You become dull and might lose a step or two in the race toward your goals.  By changing up your path, you keep yourself sharp because you are forcing yourself into something different — something that requires your attention because you are in autopilot, yet.

I know of too many people who have a comfortable job, but yet could be doing much better for themselves.  You fall into a place of comfort, but that is not your potential.  You need to be able to pay the bills, but at the same time you have to be cautious that your work doesn’t become too much of a routine you stop thinking about what you can do to better yourself and career.

Try to think of something this week you can add to your schedule or something you can change to stay fresh and avoid complacency.  Although habits are good, don’t you want to stay on your toes with the mindset that you’re actively moving forward, away from complacency?  You don’t know where it will lead you, but by putting yourself out there to change things up you will find something new and better.


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