Video: Disconnecting GoPro Hero4 Black App in Real Time

I bought a GoPro Hero4 Black a few weeks ago and after having upgrading my DIY desktop from many, many moons ago, I have the computational power to download, edit, and upload videos onto the Al Gore Interwebz.

Here, I was dicking around with my GoPro phone app. The Black version doesn’t have an LCD, so you need the app to view pictures.  Apparently it overheats with 4K30 and 1080P120 or something.

In any case, the GoPro was disconnecting from my app because the fucking wireless connection would disconnect from the GoPro and connect to my home wifi.  And reconnect to the GoPro.  I’m going to have to figure this one out.

I find it amusing because I barely knew I was recording (which you can totally do on the app), and you can watch my rollercoaster of frustration in real time.