Race Results

gatorade swag -- achieving millennial

Delicious Gatorade, with Gatorlytes for a boatload of electrolytes.

In case you’re interested, here is my list of race results and what, if any, race reports I have. I haven’t been a huge aficionado of racing until recently, and even then I’m spending more time training to achieve PRs.


Spring Fisher 5K at OSU: ~25:00ish, I have no idea really


10-21 Columbus Half Marathon, Columbus, OH: 1:53.25

11-22 YMCA Tuscarawas Turkey Trot, Dover, OH: 22:26


4-6 First Town Days 5K, New Philadelphia, OH: 22:39


10-19 Columbus Marathon, Columbus, OH: 4:15.42


5-2 Capital City Half Marathon, Columbus, OH: 1:43

8-22 Emerald City Half Marathon, Dublin, OH: 1:32.36

10-18 Columbus Marathon, Columbus, OH: 3:16.00

11-7 Outer Banks 5K 19:36 4th Overall

11-8 Outer Banks Marathon 3:26.31

rocks and roots 50k pose -- achieving millennial

Me after the Rocks and Roots 50K. Note the mud.

11-15 Hot Chocolate 5K, Columbus, OH 19:57 9th Overall

12-12 Bigfoot 50K, Salt Fork State Park, OH 5:39 12th Overall


1-10 Roots and Rocks 50K, Lewis Center, OH 6:39.17 6th Overall

2-7 Roots and Rocks 50M 40K, Lewis Center, OH   6:00ish, I kinda walked at the end

4-24 Glass City Marathon, Toledo, OH

10-2 Broke Man’s Half Marathon, Columbus, OH

10-16 Columbus Half Marathon, Columbus, OH

10-18-2020 Columbus Marathon, Columbus, OH 4:51

Bold = PR, personal record

Italics = registered for future race