The Purpose of the Achieving Millennial Blog?

The purpose of the Achieving Millennial blog stems from me wanting to start a holistic blog about me and my life.  I have many interests, many of which people have asked me about.  Enough people have asked me that I thought that I might as well start to write a blog, for at least I know I have a few people who might be interested in reading it.

It will contain quite a few subjects and topic, but that’s kind of the extension of myself and my interests.  I doubt I’ll forever be able to separate my personal and professional lives, so why not create a blog encompassing both?  I find myself interesting, and this can be the way people can learn more.  I think I’m a better communicator if I write down what I want to say, so here it is.

This blog will serve as the conduit between and the free world.  I hope you learn something while simultaneously being entertained.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy!