2015 Year in Review — Achieving Millennial

Where do you want to be in five years?

poppin' champagne -- achieving millennial

Because nothing says “new year” like poppin’ a bottle of champagne, real champagne.

Looking on this past year, that may be the most ridiculously thing to ask someone.  Just this past month my life has completely changed, let alone a whole year.  I started working for a start up and become an Altra Runner brand ambassador.  I got a 59:42 marathon PR this year that I did not see coming.  I would have been happy with a 3:45 back in January; now I’m thinking much bigger because of what what I’ve learned about myself athletically this year.  So, here is my year in review.

Running in Review

After last year’s marathon debacle, I went all out this year in running.  Looking back there isn’t anything I would have done differently because I added an unbelievable amount of miles for my level of experience.  I went from PRing weeklies of 40 to 83 in about a month and a half.  I PRed every distanced I raced — 19:36 5K, 1:32 half, 3:16 marathon, and ran a 50K, which is by definition a PR (5:39).  I met a lot of new friends, experienced many new adventures, and even have a venture — I applied to be a 2016 Altra Ambassador, and got it!  That’s beyond cool how I got a shoe deal, of sorts.  Running has more or less taken over my life, for the better.  I have many things working for me in part because of running.

Business in Review

I sold my duplex.  I learned many, many things about real estate during my short stay, but learned that I don’t really want to pursue that now.  It came down on what I want to focus.  I recommend real estate for everyone, as a second or third income.  Unless you wake up everyday thinking about it, I wouldn’t do it.  I’d do it passively, which is almost by definitely second or third income.

I started working for a start up!  This is within the past couple of weeks, so I haven’t gotten far off the ground.  I like its potential, however.  I decided to pursue work for one because I want to be in that entrepreneurial environment.  What better place to learn about entrepreneurship than in it, right.

As previously mentioned, I’m an Altra Ambassador for 2016.  It’s one of those things that the more you work at it, the more it works for you.


I’m still single.

I met a bunch on online running buddies this year.  They hold an invaluable contribution to my training and success this year.  It’s great to find people who know more than you do from which you can learn and grow.  No one knows everything.  No one knows everything, in case you missed the previous sentence.  A sense of community is tremendous.

Also, I joined a Mastermind tribe this year.  Along the same lines of my running friends, it’s great to have a group of people hold you accountable for business and personal endeavors.  In a way, you don’t want to let them down as much as you don’t want to let yourself down.  Again, it’s the community aspect.

Outlook in Life

A lot of changed, as you can probably tell from my opening paragraph.  I’ve developed a mindset of: What’s the first thing you think about each day?  Make what you think about each day an integral part of each day.  I wake up each day thinking of two things: training and business.  What keeps me going for training is that I want to accomplish so much — in several endurance sports.  That keeps me going each and everyday to become a better athlete.  I think about business as a conduit for building the life I want for myself.  Life’s too short to settle.

What I learned

I learned this year you can achieve a lot through consistent, day-to-day efforts.  Make everyday count as a stepping stone.  It may not seem like much, but after a few months you’ll notice your progress.  After a year, you’ll notice tremendous progress.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is your life.  It’s a journey and twists and turns, but if you stay persistent you’ll find your destination.


I have four races I’ve signed up for already, and I have a new business for which I am working.  Both are grand in my book.  I wake up everyday thinking about them.

I’ll end it with this quote: You will have success when you want it as much as you’re next breath, then you will have success.

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  1. Susan says:

    Christian, you wrote such a moving summary; I am proud of your achievements and wish you the best of luck. Your ant, with love, Susan