2015 Hot Chocolate 5K Columbus — Race with Sister Chelsea!

For the first themed race of my life, I chose the Hot Chocolate 5K!  I love sweets, and you don’t get much better than chocolate.  I asked my sister, Chelsea, if she wanted to run it with me.  She did, otherwise I wouldn’t have as this is definitely a social event.

Beautiful Scioto Rivier -- Achieving Millennial

A most beautiful fall day in Columbus, Ohio!

I ran two races the previous week, and did not run after crossing the finish line of the OBX marathon.  It was a planned week off.  I decided to use it to rest training for ultras, and this HC5K would serve as the kick off.

I was pretty tired waking up for the race — I’ve only had about 10 hours of sleep from work and this race.  Life happens.  It’s not a focus run.  It was mid-30s to start, but the sun was out for the 0730 race.

The funny thing is for my projected time (which turned out to only be a second too fast) required verification.  Apparently 19:56 is a fast time.  I sent a screenshot of my August half.

Start of the action!

Start of the action!

There are two waves, with about three minutes between corrals.  I started about three rows from the very front.  Yay, progress.  My warm up mile went very well — it felt like I was coasting, and gave me confidence for my run.  As expected, everyone flew at the start of the race (several people I passed back during the first mile).  My goal for this race was to pace it better, but it turned out I went too conservatively.  My miles and .1 were 6:25, 6:20, 6:15, and 6:10 pace.  It felt like I could go on for a bit more, which is a good thing, but I didn’t leave it all out.  The 15K was simultaneously run, with the 5K/15K break 2.5 miles in.  After that I raced by myself for 9th overall, 19:57.

Officially the race was “meh”.

Chelsea didn’t start yet, because of the waves, so I had time to gather my gear checked bag and wait for her.  Yay for seeing sister start!

After she finished we had our mug of chocolate.  It’s actually a very clever design, holding the fondue, up of hot chocolate, a banana, and several other snacks.  You definitely ate all of the calories you just burnt off.  Totally worth it.

Hot Chocolate 5K Mug -- achieving millennial

Here is what the hot chocolate mug looks like. It’s tastier than it looks.

My thoughts of my race:

Not my best race, but I think that’s more of a combination of lack of sleep the previous couple of days and pacing incorrectly.  My hamstrings were a little tight, so I definitely wasn’t going to push the envelope.  A learning experience, but I would need a few more focus runs for a 5K to really learn how to run one.  That, and actually train for one.

The Hot Chocolate 5K/15K is fun — there were definitely many gaggles of friends and family.  It’s too expensive to run if you’re not into its theme.  It is what it is.

Chelsea and I after the race

Chelsea and I after the race!

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